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1/11/2021.  Ants launch wrestling program, prepare to take over the earth 

With the world imploding, ants prepare to make their move.

Combined with their built-in resistance to Covid-19, ants of the world have united, and are preparing their takeover….by launching a wrestling program.

“Hear us out.  Wrestlers are the toughest, most prepared combat troops on earth.  Look – most of the humans’ Navy Seels are wrestlers.  We see a unique opportunity but we must be prepared."

The ants plan on invading “as soon as the dust clears” and expect to quickly take over the earth.

Everything is going to change – most things for the better (if you’re an ant.)

  • Government will be less responsive (actually, will barely exist
  • Covid won’t be a factor (we’re immune – hooray!)
  • No more taxes!
  • No more wars (although we still have to contend with the Red ants – wow do they have an attitude.

On the downside….Junk mail is still expected to arrive regularly.