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Jordan blast doubles Pelosi

Jordan blast doubles Pelosi


Representative Jim Jordan (OH) stunned a packed (yet socially distanced) House of Representatives when, during a heated argument with speaker Nancy Pelosi,, he changed levels and executed a perfect blast double on the octogenarian from California.

Some members were shocked at a Republican being able to take down a Democrat in the middle of the pandemic, but Jordan was not satisfied.

“There should have been back points.  I clearly earned them, but the radical left leaning referee looked the other way.  Its a miscarriage of justice."  

“I demand an immediate investigation!”

A non-plussed Pelosi shrugged it off.   “Really, he jumped early.  It should have been a penalty, or a flag or something.    Impeachment is NOT off the table.”

Then she added, “But at this point, he’s just not worth it.  Now excuse me while I go get my hair done.”

A steamed Jordan added, “I double legged her cleanly – this idea that I jumped early is a hoax.  Just like the Russia hoax!  Heck, that’s not even my best move.  I just hit it to honor Burroughs while wearing his shoes.  She’s lucky I didn’t single leg her.”