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Gable awarded medal of freedom, immediately tosses Trump

Gable awarded medal of freedom, immediately tosses Trump

Wrestling legend Dan Gable was awarded the medal of freedom by President Trump on Monday – then he proceeded to throw Trump directly to his back.

When asked about the incident, a chagrined Gable replied, “What can I say, the President went for a bear hug, and my wrestling instincts just took over."

Trump was not injured in the throw, as Gable, a true professional, landed him perfectly to the ground (all wrestling aficionados are aware that you get hurt more often by people who don’t know how to throw, rather than elite wrestlers.)

Trump got up, dusted himself off, and proclaimed, “There’s a tough guy there.  He’s a tough guy.  I would have won though, if all the legal points had been counted fairly.”

For many wrestlers in the Central Ohio area, it harkened memories of the late great Bob Dieli tossing his 300+ lb presenter in front of a shocked audience, with a perfectly executed jap whiz while being honored at the Ohio Wrestling Hall of fame.

The incident at the White House serves as a reminder to all in society – be careful how you interact with a Wrestler.

  • Go for a hand shake?  You’re probably getting arm dragged.
  • Put a hand on a shoulder?  You’re likely to end up on the wrong end of a baseball grip or two-on-one.
  • Put your arm around someone?  Duck under.
  • Embrace for a hug?  See Trump above.