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NCAA Announces “dance-off” to determine seeds

In the age of Covid, a lot has changed in the wrestling world. 

The season has started later….tournaments have been reduced and eliminated…thus top competitors are meeting less often on the mat.  As a result, the seeding process for NCAA Nationals has also undergone a major shakeup.

The NCAA, in its all-knowing, all innovative ways, has found a unique method for determining seeds for the biggest stage – the National Championship.

This season, wrestlers will participate in a dance-off – socially distanced from each other and the judges, of course – with the top performers being awarded the highest seeds.

Many competitors were visibly animated over the novelty of the new seeding format, as this reporter noted from interviews.

“Yeah.  A dance-off.  Wonderful," sniffed one anonymous competitor while struggling to hide his enthusiasm.

So you think I can dance?  Well dance on Thi….” Screamed another obviously elated competitor before being quickly muzzled and escorted out of the interview room.

 Still another wept softly in uncontrollable happiness.

The judges for the event have been chosen.

Judge #1

Grumpy Pin Machine Master Wade Schalles was the first judge to be announced.  

Yup.  The wrestling world has done it again.  Where’s our leadership?  He bemoaned.  When asked why he agreed to participate in a plan he so obviously dispised, he muttered, Social media presence, y’all.  I have a blog to promote.

Judge #2

Dan Gable.  I lost in rock-paper-scissors or Chuck Norris wold be up here, he sniffed.

Judge #3

Carrie Ann Inaba.  Because, well, somebody on that panel has to know something about dancing.