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The Missing Burroughs channels his Chuck Norris (Part 3 of 3)

The Great Jordan Burroughs was found safe and sound, dragging the limp lifeless body of a nasty slimy arachnid behind him.

When questioned by a Wrestlers Corner reporter about how he escaped and defeated the beast, Burroughs breathlessly exalted,

“After I made it throw up, I had to go all Chuck Norris on that thing, using my patented double (he didn’t have much of a stance so I was able to forge a comeback), and throwing in a few roundhouse Norris kicks as well."

“What's the best part about being free from its grasps?  Asked the bravely intrepid yet slightly naive reporter.

“Best Part?  I looked up at the beautiful landscape and realized something magnanimous…."

“I was no longer in Washington, DC."

“Also that I ripped that Magicman shirt he was wearing to shreds during the fight."


PS:  If you missed the first two episodes, well – sorry for the spoiler.  You can view all three in my new Wrestlers Corner blog.

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