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12/21/20:  North Pole workers threaten to strike:  Christmas cancelled?

In the North Pole, a group of miniature (aka, height-challenged) workers with pointy ears and rosy cheeks, has threatened to scamper off the job due to what they classify as a lack of Covid-safe work conditions, such as:

  • Poor health behaviors exhibited by our way too jolly boss.
  • Loud talking (and ho-ho’ing) by said boss
  • A reluctance to continue cleaning up all that reindeer poop (why so many when one shiny one would do?)
  • No singing during a pandemic!  The Jolly one fails here, too.
  • Overcrowded factories, Zero social (or anti-social) distancing
  • All the masks are too big for their little faces
  • We want a raise (as in, from cookie and milk to actual MONEY)
  • The severance package, due to kick in on the 26th, offers. Well – nothing.  Not even the milk and cookies. 

We secured a quote from the Spokes-elf:  I’ve never seen a guy with so many health problems, at his age, so happy.  Frankly, its downright irritating.

Then a response from the bearded boss: (sigh):   The most annoying things come in small packages...