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OHSAA makes it official:  Wrestlers Corner will set protocols for wrestling

In a stunning (and unsettling) move, THE Ohio High School Athletic Association has decreed the Wrestlers Corner Dewine Covid Wrestling Doctrine shall be the law of the land for the sport this season.

In a statement, the OHSAA said:  All Wrestlers Corner protocols will now become our protocols.  Its obvious they have thoroughly thought through the entire process, and their protocols they’ve outlined, proves it.  I mean, we’d have never thought of the non-covid arm.

“We can’t wait to see what they write next."

Conclusion:  **We at Wrestlers Corner vow to watch what we say from now on.  I’m sure the wrestling community will thank us (or not).

**By WE, I mean, me, your gracious host, and my trusting assistant Sam (our border collie), who does my typing for me.